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About us

Resources Inn is proud to be New Brunswick’s only overnight facility located on a maple grove with 12,000 taps since 1999.

In Spring, come taste our fresh maple sugar products, especially at our Saturday and Sunday brunches from February 14th until the end of April.You'll find gasoline on site, a restaurant, bar licensed, six (6) units with private bathroom, satellite TV, wireless internet and more...

This maple sugar house can be accessed by snowmobile along trail 301 or by automobile on route 180. Gasoline available on premises. Licensed restaurant, canteen and six bedrooms with private washroom and high speed Internet.

Don’t forget to visit the Windmill farm, located 15 km from the Inn, it's beautiful. Our customers comes from anywhere in the world, from anywhere in Canada, United-States, Europe and more. From tourist, mine workers, professional, hunters, fishers, snowmobiler' s, ATV's, journalist and more.


Thank you for your continued support!

Yvette Thériault et Michel Landry

Yvette et Michel

  auberge ressources inn